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Rumah Kids 2

I was invited by David to shoot a photography assignment for Rumah Kids 2’s opening ceremony for charity purposes. Rumah Kids 2 is a home for kids without a single family member. There are about 20 children living in Rumah Kids 2 currently, and they certainly do better with more care and help from good Samaritans all over.

I strongly believe that anyone of us can help them in many different ways, be it using our time, our love, our talents or even financial support if possible…

Let’s join our efforts together and make this world a better place for these kids. For more information about Rumah Kids, please click! 🙂










Latysha : 5th Birthday Party

I attended Latysha’s 5th Tea-Time Birthday Party last Saturday and it was great fun capturing the little details! It seems barely a year ago when I was shooting the pictures to commemorate her 4 years of age – and I still remember we clicked so well while hanging out at the park near her house then. I felt like a big boy playing with a little girl as I took her pictures and after that she asked her mom, who happens to be one of my best friends Soo, “Mom, is that boy – Brother Tash-Hua (she couldn’t pronounce my name very well at that time! :P) coming to play with me again?” I wanted to tell her so much that I am already an uncle – no longer a boy! Anyway, it was really an awesome afternoon at that time and I’ll again, be shooting another series of her 5 year old photos soon! I’ll keep you all updated on that.

Latysha is like a sweet little angel – with a cute outlook and an amazing personality…and here are some of my favourite party shots of her birthday.










Little Jello-O Sailboats – Made by Soo for her young guests…but it was the adults who gobbled it up cuz the kids were too busy with the clown!







Concert Rehearsal Session

Hi! I am back for blogging and thanks for waiting so long 🙂

A few weeks ago, I photographed the concert rehearsal session of Kindergarten PAC. Truly, this was such a fun session for me, the kids were so cute!

Here are some favorites from the shoot…









Sneak Peek

Here is the photograph I took yesterday, I will be blogging more soon, stay tuned 🙂


Esther : Baby

Many thanks to Tom & Ruby for trusting me to capture their little angel, Esther was so excited in her photo session, we really had a wonderful afternoon that day.

Here are some photos I took of Esther, isn’t she cute & beautiful 🙂

Cute !

New works : Sneak Peek

Here are some of my new works… more to come, stay tuned !

My old photography works

Before posting my recent works, i would like to share some of my old works, enjoy ! 🙂

Portraits of Ashley & PS:

I love this shot…

I love this shot too…

Portraits of Latysia:

Latysia was super-fun to shoot ! She is so so so cute 🙂

My favorite of the day:

Lovely Latysia…

This one is cute 🙂

I love Latysia’s expression in this one…

My holiday in Langkawi with my wife and church buddies..

Gifted bassist of my church’s band, cool!

Portraits of Jini:

Jini was fun to shoot, she is so nice & sweet:)

My lovely hometown shots:

Christmas poster shoot for my church:

Wedding of Irene & ZH:

Favorite of the day:

The beautiful bride:

Hong’s funny portrait 🙂

Retro feeling…

Here are some of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport shots:

Wedding of Emily & Jason:

Portrait of Hui Yee:

Cool !

I love this shot 🙂

Portrait of Shafiq:

Corporate event of Zimmer:

This is my favorite:

Wedding of Jia Yee & Meng:

My holiday in Bali with my wife:

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